The Body Shop Online Nutrition Coaching

What can you expect when you work with The Body Shop Online. Our program is customize to with your specific goals in mind. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or just general health, we can create a plan for you.

Our weight management program uses tested methods that allows you to stop yo-yo dieting and maintain lasting results through our flexible dieting approach. What is flexible dieting? Flexible dieting is a program that allows you to create a healthy balance between foods your body needs to function optimal and foods you enjoy eating. If want to know more about flexible dieting, click here.

When you work with our nutrition coaching team, we create three tailored meal plans based off of food you like. These meal plans are not the standard boring foods like tilapia, asparagus and sweet potatoes. You have access to over 650 food items to choose from to help us create the right meal plans for you.

Here are a couple sample meal plans we have created for our clients.

Each week you will check in with your coach via google docs to get valuable feedback on your current progress and any adjustments that might be need. When you work with a nutrition coach you are consistently getting feedback to help you stay focused on your goals. Many studies have shown having some to keep you accountable with increase your adherence. Additional, your coach can help help you make adjustments when things don't go as planned. We find clients who check in weekly have higher success rates, reach their goals quicker and have few detours.

When you sign up you will be assigned a specific coach who is available to you for unlimited support via text and email. We encourage our clients to reach out to us any time they need assistance. We understand not every day is going to be perfect and you will have questions or situations that come up that you need help with maneuvering. We are here to address your concerns and questions whenever they come up.

Unlike other online coaching options we have no monthly contracts. You can work with us for 1 month to many months for as long as it takes for you to reach your goals. Our goal is for you be successful reaching whatever you goal is.

Our online nutrition coaching is only $99.00 a month. Contact us today to get started!